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Revo Gel Milky Pink 30ML
Revo Gel Milky Pink 30ML
Revo Gel Milky Pink 30ML
Revo Gel Milky Pink 30ML

Revo Gel Milky Pink 30ML

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Revo Gel Milky Pink.


Revo ... lution is the new fashion ! Revo Gel is a revolutionary new product in Cupio's professional range !

Why revolutionary ?

Revo Gel combines, in an innovative formula, the advantages of gel and the strength of acrylic, making it very easy to use.

Great benefits :

The new Revo Gel formula combines all the advantages of gel and acrylic in a single product ! Acrylic and gel now mix in a perfect formula ! Revo Gel also eliminates a number of disadvantages of the acrylic or gel application technique.

- It does not require the use of the monomer (the liquid with which the acrylic powder mixture is formed) and you will then avoid its tingling smell and vapour inhalation;

- You do not need to mix and maintain its proportions (monomer / acrylic powder);

- You are not conditioned by the fast modelling time required by acrylic, the curing is performed in a UV or LED lamp;

- Unlike ordinary gels, Revo Gel does not leak because it is a very stable and easy to shape product;

- Does not require a base gel (applies directly after the preparatory solutions);

- Revo Gel is a gel characterized by an excellent adherence to natural nails;

- Gel with a solid structure, very resistant to shocks and acrylic shocks;

- It is much easier to remove than acrylic;

- Revo Gel allows various types of corrections, such as the construction of a broken nail corner (particularly advantageous for semi-permanent manicures);

- The product allows an extension of 1-3 mm without using forms

- Available in clear, white and 7 natural shades.

Application method :

1. Prepare the nail according to the standard method.
2. We apply the preparatory solutions:
Nail Prep (desiccant);
Nail Bonder (acid-free primer).
3. Apply a base gel to obtain an adhesion (Thick Bonding Base, Ultra Strong Base or any shade of Rubber Base).
4. We create the apex in Revo Gel.

Curing time :

- 3-4 min. under UV light

- 120 sec. under LED

Try the revolutionary Revo Gel !

Capacity: 30 ml.

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