Who are we ?

Luxe Nails, company born in 2012, is specialized in nail modeling. After 5 years of investigation and development, Luxe Nails presents itself as an innovative company with the primary objective of satisfying all the demands and expectations of this market. Luxe Nails is composed of a real team of qualified experts.

Luxe Nails is a Spanish brand, young, ambitious and very engaged with the customer. The production takes place in the most important factories in Europe, and with non-standard formulations.

We are direct manufacturers, which allows us to adapt much better than any other brand to the needs of our customers. We are more competitive because we develop products according to the needs, demands and trends of our market without resorting to third parties.

We rely on the development of non-standard formulations to guarantee the best production benefits and the highest yields.

Luxe Nails exclusively creates products for the care of hands, feet and modeling of nails. We offer excellent training and top quality services with great support from the company. We collaborate exclusively with the best professionals in nail beauty and styling.

Our International Training Academy offers the highest level of education on the nail market.

Luxe Nails continues its commitment to its ambitious growing policy and expansion driven by its continuous innovation at the forefront of the sector.

Our brand has been designed to combine quality and innovation with the good price, and to provide the guarantee of always being in close relationship with our customers.

The result of this is the great impact achieved in such a short time, entrusting us with the most prestigious fairs.

Our goal is to be the crucial link in the beauty professional and nail stylist.

To achieve these goals, Luxe Nails is based on four fundamental parameters :

- Quality, with guaranteed results, training and further training for professionals.

- Innovation, with a continuous development of non-standard formulation to obtain the best efficiency and convenience for the professional and the end customer.

- Visibility of the brand in and out of trade shows, we develop a marketing plan using the best professionals in the sector and actively participating in the most important national and international exhibitions, and also with the presence in the most prestigious magazines and publications of the sector.

- Trends, Luxe Nails creates and observes constantly in order to always propose and present the latest trends.

For the implementation of our objectives the fundamental values are as follows :

The constancy, all our efforts to maintain a strong, flexible and reliable business.

Orientation, to the customer in all our relations with the professional stylist.

- The effectiveness, in all our promises and actions.

Integrity, fundamental basis of the entire Luxe Nails Team and its employees.

Luxe Nails claims to be the new leader in the nail industry. In a mark of distinction, recognition and reliability.

We are very proud to be able to offer the most innovative and advanced nail shaping system available, with the best performance capabilities, inaccessible until now.

Luxe Nails will pursue its goal to produce and promote a superior system and an ambitious compromise of our customer service, these have always been our mission and our continuous effort to be at the forefront of technology and innovation in complementarity of skills.

From now on, new frontiers are opening up in the world of prosthetics and nail styling, all professionals wishing to evolve, and wanting to continue to be at the forefront of technology, can thus offer their customers an unique and exclusive product.

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