Cupio in the City Collection

Cupio in the City Collection

A modern woman's accessory, nail polish has been used for 3,000 years in China. Back then, it was made from a mixture of seeds, gelatine, honey, wax, gum arabic and egg white. The coloured paste obtained was used by women of the time to decorate their nails. The habit of colouring nails has been preserved and developed more and more, until today, when every woman considers nail polish to be the perfect accessory for showing off her femininity and beauty.

Classic nail polishes are ideal for women who quickly get bored of the same colour and want to change the shade of their nails as often as possible. Unlike gel nail polishes, which last up to a month on the nails and can be removed with special solutions, classic nail polishes are easily removed with acetone and can be reapplied as often as desired.

Available in over 150 colours, Cupio nail polishes are long-lasting and offer high coverage. Ideal for bold, simple, casual or classic manicures, Cupio in the City nail polishes have an intense, long-lasting shine. Depending on their preferences, women can choose between pearly, shiny, matt or gold nail polishes. All the nail polishes in this range are recommended for use with Cupio in the City base and top coat.

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