How to use face powder

Face powder is an essential product for perfect make-up. It plays a very important role in keeping the skin looking flawless, namely in setting make-up. Powder helps to absorb the sebum produced by the skin, which is why some people only apply it to areas that oil up more quickly. A good powder does not allow shiny, unsightly spots to appear on the skin, which keeps its smooth and matte appearance all day long.

Powder also helps to even out skin tone, but also to reduce pores. People with visible pores often use face powder after applying foundation.

Face powder is available in several shades and is chosen according to skin colour. There are also lightly tinted translucent powders that are less heavy on the skin. They have a light formula and cover small imperfections in the skin, giving it a smooth and luminous appearance.

The powder is applied to the skin in small quantities, using a natural hair brush. Before applying, shake the brush to remove excess product. Too much powder can weigh down the skin and make it look old. In addition, it can accentuate wrinkles if not applied correctly.

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