Choosing the right lipstick

Lipsticks are one of the most popular products in every woman's beauty kit. Moreover, a lipstick is the cosmetic product that every woman chooses to carry in her bag 24 hours a day.

Applied on the lips and matching any type of make-up, whether it is more minimalist or more intense, lipstick offers an elegant image and enhances the femininity of the female gender.

In the beauty industry, there are several types of lipsticks, depending on the texture, shape and finish they offer. Matte, creamy, glossy, satin or no transfer, lipsticks come in many colours.

Cupio offers a wide range of lipsticks and lip glosses with different textures and ideal pigmentation, which can be worn day or night.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from matte and satin lipsticks - which enhance the lips with their high pigmentation and coverage - or glossy lip glosses that make the lips look fuller and more voluminous.

All of the lip products in the Cupio range are ideal for complementing elegant evening make-up, as well as for everyday use, for a well-groomed look.

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