Gel Lac 3 in 1

Gel Lac 3 in 1

Gel Lac 3 in1

Durable and available in different colours, gel polishes are among the most popular products in the manicure field. Nails say a lot about the way we take care of ourselves and, in addition, they reveal finesse and femininity, which is why women like to take care of their manicure with durable and quality products.

Cupio One Step Easy Off and One Step 3 in 1 gel polishes are an innovation in the manicure field, because unlike Cupio To Go! Gel Lac, they do not require the application of a base and a top. All you need is a Gel Lac 3 in 1 polish.

This makes the application of gel lac polishes much easier and less time consuming !

The advantages of Cupio One Step Easy Off and Cupio One Step 3 in 1 gel polishes

  • excellent price/quality ratio;
  • easy and fast working technique similar to the application of a classic nail polish;
  • highly pigmented colours;
  • easy removal of the gel polish for maintenance.

Are Gel Lac easy to use ?

Yes, just follow the standard steps.

How do I apply Gel Lac Cupio One Step ?

  • Prepare the natural nails in the standard way : push and clean the cuticles, remove the natural nail polish with a buffer file and dust it with a special brush;
  • Apply two thin, level coats of Cupio Gel Lac One Step with the brush, just as you would apply a regular nail polish, avoiding touching the cuticle with the polish;
  • Each coat requires 30-60 seconds of curing in the LED lamp or 2 minutes in the UV lamp (for a better fixed shine, it is recommended to increase the curing time for the last applied coat to 60-90 sec in the LED lamp and 3-4 min in the UV lamp). No cleaning required.

How to remove Cupio Gel Lac One Step ?

  • Scratch the surface of the Gel Lac One Step applied to the nail with a fine-grained file;
  • Pour the Soak Off Remover solution into a container or special capsules and put your fingers into it. The nails should soak for 10 to 15 minutes;
  • In addition, the gel polish can be removed with special sheets : soak the textile square with Soak Off solution, fix it over the nail plate and wrap the sheet firmly around the fingers;
  • After 10-15 minutes, remove the sheets. The remaining polish is removed from the nails with a metal spatula.
  • Cupio ONE STEP Gel Polish cures in both a UV lamp and an LED lamp. For a much faster and more professional application, we recommend the LED lamp, the lamp that represents the new trend in manicure.

Does gel poslishes affect my nails ?

Gel polish, when used and removed correctly, looks very natural and does not affect the nail in any way.

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