Kids Collection

Kids Collection


Sparkling, soft and cheerful, little girls want to be groomed and beautiful from a young age, just like their mums. It's not uncommon for a little girl to see her mother getting a new manicure and want to accessorise her nails to make her feel special.

To make all girls feel special and chic, from a young age, Cupio has created the water-based nail polishes range for kids !

Princess Collection is a range of nail polishes for girls over 3 years old. They are specially created with a water-based formula, enriched with vitamin E and without artificial flavours.

The children's nail polishes are very easy to apply, so the little ones will be happy to change their manicure frequently, especially as the new Princess collection includes six different shades - light pink, pearl pink, dark pink, red, orange and blue.

Plus, the kids' nail polishes only come off with water, so getting a manicure will be a fun and creative activity for any little girl !

A set of children's nail polishes, the perfect gift for any girl.

The child's smile is the most precious thing to any parent. If you are looking for a gift that will delight your girl's face, you can choose a set of nail polishes for children. It includes six cheerful shades with which little girls can make their own manicure !

Girls will be thrilled with the Princess Collection and curious to discover the colour of each fairy in the collection - Maia, Alma, Ana, Sophia, Eva and Sissi.

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