Eye Pencils

Eye Pencils


Eye pencils are a must-have in the make-up bag of not only a make-up artist, but also of any woman who cares about her appearance.

An eye pencil can have a special effect on the overall make-up look, as it enhances the eyes. Many women choose eye pencils instead of ink, as the former are much easier to use, offering greater precision of application.

Black, brown, green, blue, purple or white - eye pencils are available in different colours. The most classic are the black pencils - used for smokey eye, eye contouring or eye length - and the white ones - which are used to illuminate and create an eye-enlarging effect.

The Cupio waterproof pencils are available in various colours and are water resistant, making them ideal for use even in the summer, at the pool or in the sea. In addition, due to the creamy texture and intense pigmentation, Cupio Waterproof Pencils can be used as eyelashes, as they offer an exact line at the base of the lashes.

Cupio Creamy Eye Pencils can also be blended, immediately after application to the eyelids, before drying. Thus, they can also be used as eye shadow bases or individually to create the perfect smokey eye.

Depending on what suits your eye colour, you can choose from 10 different shades of eye pencils available from Cupio.

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