Winter Collection To Go Twinkle Little Star 15ML
Winter Collection To Go Twinkle Little Star 15ML

Winter Collection To Go Twinkle Little Star 15ML

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Winter Collection To Go - Twinkle Little Star.

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Winter Collection To Go is a special winter edition composed of bright colors, ideal for enjoying the magical atmosphere of the winter months.

Professional Lac Gel Polish for Cupio that provides up to four weeks of resistance on nails. The highly pigmented colors ensure perfect coverage of natural and artificial nails. Cupio to Go semi-permanent gel polishes have a high gloss that does not fade in time.

Cupio semi-permanent nail polishes combine the ease of application of a traditional nail polish with the durability of a UV/LED gel. Thanks to its innovative formula, Cupio To Go ! semi-permanent gel polishes cure under LED lamp in only 30 seconds and under UV lamp in 120 seconds.

Semi-permanent gel polishes are recommended for nail saloons and home.

Capacity : 15ml.

Here are the advantages of Cupio To Go! :

1. Very easy and quick application : thanks to the high quality brush, Cupio To Go! is very easy to apply like a traditional nail polish and is self-levelling.

2. Natural nails are only prepared by a very gentle passage with the buffer.

3. Highly pigmented colors.

4. High gloss that does not fade in time for 4 weeks.

5. Cure under both UV and LED lamps.

6. Removal does not require nail filing, very fast in 10 minutes.

7. Nail resistance guaranteed for 4 weeks.

Application mode :

1. Prepare the nail or artificial nail gently with the buffer.

2. Apply a layer of Cupio base gel that cures in 30 seconds under LED or 120 seconds under UV.

3. Apply one coat of colour (depending on your preference, apply two coats, but it is not mandatory) and let cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 120 seconds under UV lamp.

4. Once the colour has been cured, apply a top coat that cures under LED in 30 seconds or under UV in 120 seconds.

5. Remove the sticky layer with cleaner.

Removal mode :

1. Place in a container or in a liquid acetone or acrylic capsule and leave the nail to soak off for 10-15 minutes.

2. After 10-15 minutes, remove the hand and remove the rest of the gel polish with a metal spatula.

Quality guaranteed by Cupio.

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