Russian Watercolor Saint Petersburg - Lemon
Russian Watercolor Saint Petersburg - Lemon

Russian Watercolor Saint Petersburg - Lemon

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Watercolor painting brand "White Nights" Saint Petersburg - Lemon.

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The colours are produced in Russia in the St. Petersburg factory which has a tradition in the production of watercolours since 1934. Each colour is produced from finely milled artistic quality pigments, arabic gum and honey to ensure the brilliance of the colours.

The Russian watercolours of St. Petersburg are ideal for diffused painting designs. They can be applied with synthetic and natural brushes made of Kolinsky or squirrel hair.
The range contains 12 intense and pure, packaged in 10 ml tubes.
Watercolours dissolve on contact with water in a short time. Once removed from the tube, although they harden, they can be stored and reused.

How to use :

1. Soak the brush in water and mix with the watercolour.
2. Painting can be carried out on any gel polish / gel, provided that the working surface is perfectly matt.
3. Apply with a flexible top coat Gloss & Go.

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