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Rubber Base French Collection - Cloud 15ML
Rubber Base French Collection - Cloud 15ML
Rubber Base French Collection - Cloud 15ML
Rubber Base French Collection - Cloud 15ML

Rubber Base French Collection - Cloud 15ML

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Rubber Base French Collection - Cloud.


Rubber Base French Collection - is a collection of dense coverage bases. The products can be used for French manicures, as color for the entire nail, or as a base before applying color.

The Rubber range is a top-of-the-range product thanks to its multiple advantages :

  • resistant structure - strengthens the nail, ensuring greater resistance to knocks and blows;

  • excellent adhesion - ideal base for problem nails (with adhesion problems); increased adhesion recommends using Rubber Bases as a base/adhesion gel and in gel system;

  • allows short or medium extensions to be made using the paper form;

  • increases the degree of pigmentation to cover nail imperfections (color spots) or product residues left by previous refill;

  • gives a pleasing natural look and the possibility of visually lengthening the nail bed, if required for French manicures;

  • increased density enables easy shaping of the apex, or a denser product load of the nail tip for shape correction in the case of downward-growing nails;

  • The high degree of self-levelling makes Rubber Bases ideal for use in the no-file technique.

The collection includes nude shades in natural tones to ensure a French manicure in perfect harmony with any skin tone.

The slightly translucent appearance of the gel nail polish allows it to be applied with a very natural look, with low density in the cuticle area and then progressively with greater coverage towards the central area of the nail.

Method of application :

The product can be applied immediately after standard preparation of the natural nail or after application of the preparation solutions (Nail Prep and Nail Bonder).

Curing time :

2 -3 min in UV lamp

60 -90 sec in LED lamp.

Important ! The product should be stored at room temperature between 15 and 25°C. Low or very high temperatures can lead to sedimentation of the color pigments.

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