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Cupio Basic Sophy Gel - Tea Rose 15ML
Cupio Basic Sophy Gel - Tea Rose 15ML

Cupio Basic Sophy Gel - Tea Rose 15ML

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Builder glittered colored gel, medium density - Tea Rose.


Sophy Gel gives your manicure a delicate, natural but sophisticated look. It's a cover gel used for strictly aesthetic and colouring purposes, and can be used for natural French manicures enriched with the sparkle of pearly particles.

A new series of coloured modelling gels that will add sparkle to your nails.

Here are the main features :

  • available in several color variations;
  • the gel can be used like that, as a color on the whole nail or to create other compositions such as a French manicure or the babyboomer technique;
  • it is applied in a medium layer, smoothed with a brush, between layers of gel (clear);
  • used to optically extend the nail bed in a French manicure;
  • covers imperfections of the natural nail;
  • blends and evens out colour differences caused by gel residue from previous fillings;
  • medium viscosity - eliminates the risk of run-off towards the cuticle or sides;
  • honey-like texture;
  • medium to high pigmentation, adjustable - applied in a single coat, the gel has an ultra-natural appearance (with a slight transparency at the lunula), and in two coats, it has the appearance of a coloured gel;
  • requires the prior application of a base gel (adhesion), a base coat or a Rubber base;
  • does not generate heat during curing.

Curing time :

  • 2-3 min in a UV lamp ;
  • 60-90 sec in LED lamp.

Capacity : 15ml.

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