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Strong Base Cupio Basic - Watermelon 15ML
Strong Base Cupio Basic - Watermelon 15ML
Strong Base Cupio Basic - Watermelon 15ML
Strong Base Cupio Basic - Watermelon 15ML

Strong Base Cupio Basic - Watermelon 15ML

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Strong Base Cupio Basic - Watermelon.

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Strong Base - adhesion, strength and naturalness in one product !

A multifunctional base that should not be missing on a nail technician's table.

Properties :

  • strengthens the nail by ensuring its resistance;
  • excellent adhesion, without air, in the cuticle area until maintenance;
  • the base can be used successfully as an adhesion layer for gel modelling;
  • it is used as is, for a natural-looking manicure or as a base before applying other colors;
  • ensures a uniform base before applying very light colors (pastel, nude).
  • the application of light colors becomes easy to achieve, eliminating the irregular aspect and the "wave" effect;
  • high density, optimal for creating apexes;
  • stable on the nail during modeling, does not run into the cuticles;
  • high degree of self-leveling;
  • although after curing it gives a very strong structure, the base has a good flexibility;
  • pigmented colors that ensure perfect coverage of all color stains on natural nails or color differences caused by other product residues (for maintenance);
  • allows short extensions;
  • the cure can be carried out in all types of lamps (LED, UV, CCFL), but it is ideal in the new generation LED lamp.

Application process :

The product can be applied immediately after the standard preparation of the natural nail or after the application of the preparation solutions (Nail Prep and Nail Bonder).

Curing :

3 min in UV lamp

60-90 sec in the LED lamp.

Attention ! This product should be stored at room temperature between 15 and 25°C. Low or very high temperatures can cause the color pigment to deposit.

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