Forming Gel Basic - Milky Beige
Forming Gel Basic - Milky Beige
Forming Gel Basic - Milky Beige
Forming Gel Basic - Milky Beige

Forming Gel Basic - Milky Beige

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Builder gel, cover, high density.



Forming Gel - durable, beautiful, affordable, RELIABLE!

A new range of gels that combines all the qualities needed to achieve a beautiful, delicate and long-lasting manicure !

The Forming Gel range is available in 5 delicious colour variations : Natural Nude, Piggy Pink, Dusty Rose, Marshmallow and Milky Beige.

Forming Gel is a camouflage building gel that combines the qualities of both a cover gel and a builder gel.

Features :

  • high density;
  • Jelly-like texture that allows several nails to be shaped at the same time, thus saving time;
  • high degree of pigmentation;
  • very stable, ideal for building long nails;
  • does not run, stays in shape for a long time;
  • low degree of self-levelling;
  • can be used both for optical extension of the nail bed in French manicure and for shaping the apex;
  • can be used for all working techniques: gel protection on natural nails, modelling with tips, construction on nail forms;
  • requires the use of a base gel (Thick Bonding Base, Ultra Strong Base Gel or Rubber Base);
  • impact resistant, does not scratch or crack
  • files easily;
  • releases a moderate amount of heat during curing.

Curing time :

3-4 min in UV lamp;

90-120 sec in LED lamp.

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