Acid Primer 8ML

Acid Primer 8ML

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Cupio Acid Primer.

Cupio Acid Primer contains methacrylic acid as a base component, which guarantees its superior quality. Methacrylic acid acts on the keratin scales from the surface of the nail, separating them to allow gel or acrylic to penetrate between them, thus forming the nail joint. It is used to create a mechanical bond in both gel and acrylic.
Apply a very small amount, after preparing the nail, clean the brush on a dry cotton pad before application. Before switching to gel or acrylic, the product is expected to dry for about 60 seconds.

It has a degreasing, dehydrating and disinfecting role. Air dry.

Use only for nails with adhesion problems. Due to the acid content, it is not recommended to touch the skin or cuticles.

Made in Germany for Cupio.

Capacity : 8ML.

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