KKSP Nail Art 3/3
KKSP Nail Art 3/3
KKSP Nail Art 3/3
KKSP Nail Art 3/3
KKSP Nail Art 3/3
KKSP Nail Art 3/3

KKSP Nail Art 3/3

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KKSP Nail Art 3/3 Brush.


KKSP Nail Art 3/3 brush.

Short, natural hair, multi-functional hand-made brush.

Use it for acrilyc paint, thin and thick lines and for shading.
Great for "Flat" or "Silk" technique, when you decide to shade with acrylic paint.

In addition is perfect for "Flat" or "Silk" technique, for the minor details of the design, for example, for the turning-back petals, since it has a very small point for tiny ball of acrylic.

Nevertheless if you want to use it for both technique (water-based, and also for monomer), it is strictly two pieces should be taken and mark which is for water, which is for monomer !
You must accept these rules, or you can ruin your brush in a second.
For these mistakes, our company can’t take the responsibility.

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