Cupio Acrylic Powder Clear 40g

Cupio Acrylic Powder Clear 40g

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Cupio Acrylic Powder Clear 40g.


High quality transparent acrylic powder. Extremely fine acrylic powder makes it very easy to model on the nail.
With a crystalline tint, the transparent acrylic powder is flexible, resistant to impacts and protects the nails from yellowing.
Cupio acrylic powder does not form air bubbles during application, is very easy to use and does not exfoliate.
Due to the faster hardening time, Cupio clear acrylic powder is intended for people with experience in acrylic manicure.
It contains a special mixture of ingredients that guarantees very good adhesion of the product to the nail.
It dries in the air.

Final colour on the nail : transparent.

Capacity : 40 grams.

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