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Foil de Transfert Cupio - Set 10 Coloured Animal Print

Cupio Transfert Foil - Set 10 Coloured Animal Print

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Cupio Transfer Foil - Set 10 Coloured Animal Print.


Magic transfer foil for decoration of false or natural nails.

The transfer foil can be used over the entire surface of the nail or simply to create unique nail art nails. The transfer foil remains on the nail only in the area where the special glue is applied for the magic nail art foils.

How for use :

  • Apply the special glue over the entire surface of the nail or only as a nail art (the sheet is transferred to the nail only in the areas where the glue has been applied).
  • Wait for the glue to dry (2-3 minutes). Once dry, the glue becomes transparent.
  • Once the glue dries, place the foil on the nail and press to spread the sheet evenly over the nail surface.
  • Now the foil is pulled out and the pattern remains transferred to the nail in exactly the same shape in which the glue was applied to the nail.

10 models are delivered in a divided box, each model has the following dimensions: 4 * 100cm.

The glue for the transfer sheets can be applied directly to the nail or to a layer of nail polish close to the colour of the foil.

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