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Builder Gel Milky White Soft
Builder Gel Milky White Soft
Builder Gel Milky White Soft
Builder Gel Milky White Soft

Builder Gel Milky White Soft

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Milky White Soft builder gel with medium to high consistency.
Ideal for babyboomer and no filing technique.



Soft Milky White Builder Gel is a must on every nail technician's table!

Features :

  • soft;
  • resistant;
  • reliable;
  • milky white gel, gives manicures a very delicate look;
  • requires the prior application of a base / adhesion gel (such as Thick Bonding Base, Ultra Strong Base, Rubber Base - preferably in a Milky White shade, so as not to change the milky white colour of the gel);
  • gel with a solid structure after curing, ensures high impact resistance;
  • eliminates the risk of splitting in the area of tension points;
  • suitable both for making constructions on stencils, capsules, but also for working on medium-length natural nails or long, strong nails;
  • ideal for apex modelling without filing technique;
  • the texture and the qualities of the gel give you the possibility to ideally dose the amount of material used, without consuming any additional product;
  • due to the high degree of self-levelling, the gel contributes to the efficiency of the working time;
  • stable on the nail during modelling, it does not run or leak into the laterals or cuticle;
  • medium density with better consistency;
  • ideal for making babyboomers;
  • generates very little heat during the cure;

Curing time :

- UV lamp : 3 minutes

- LED lamp : 60-90 seconds

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